As parent carers we often come find apps and websites that have been useful to us, our children and young people. This page will be updated as we receive recommendations from our SEND community. If you have any suggestions on things you have found useful please contact us so we can add to our list.

Wheel of Apps: a list of apps that are for learners with Dyslexia/ reading and writing difficulties. click here to access

Letter Templates – Independent Support have created a series of template letters to assist professionals and families in writing letters to address issues they maybe be here to be directed to the website.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has recently released a new guide that helps people in the health and social care sector who work with adults with autism to increase their awareness, knowledge and understanding. Please click here to be redirected

St. Clement’s Practical Autism Video Guides are 12 “bitesize” videos covering a range of topics that are both practical for parents and family as well as an awareness and training tool for staff across the public sector. Please click here to be redirected.


The Council for Disabled Children are doing an e-learning course on the Children and Families act 2014 and all its different aspects.

If you are interested in covering this course then click here to go straight to the course page.


Somerset County Council post 16 team have created a website that showcases and provides information about all the Higher Education courses on offer in Somerset by our Colleges and Training Providers.  They hope that this will be a really useful resource for Careers Advisors, Curriculum staff and Students alike.  It also includes information about funding, how to apply for HE and FAQs.

The website can be accessed at