Refreshed guidance was issued yesterday, and Somerset County Council is asking all secondary age pupils to wear a face covering if they can on school transport.

As a forum we approached the council with some concerns and following this we met with the Interim Director for Inclusion. While we support the use of masks by everyone who can, we were concerned how children and young people might react to being asked to do so.

The council has assured us they don’t want any parent or pupil with special educational needs and/or a disability to be worried about being challenged on school transport. Drivers and bus operators are being given as much information as possible on which pupils are exempt and they are being asked to check with schools if they are unsure, rather than to challenge pupils.

Following our meeting with the council it was agreed to support children and young people, the Autism and communication service have created a social story, which can be accessed below. In addition, you may find that your child would prefer to use a card to communicate that they are exempt, and you can find these below. 

If you have any issues with printing these yourself please do contact us at and we will happily print one and post to you.

Useful links and printable resources

Visual Social story – Wearing my face covering

Social story Text only – Wearing my face covering

Covid-19 Flashcards

Social Story – Adults wearing Masks at school

Social Story – I can wear a mask

Exemption cards and mobile phone screens