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Parent Carer Forums and Campaigning

Undertaking campaign activity is not consistent with the ethos of Parent Carer Forums who exist to co-produce with service providers, commissioners and policy makers. Parent Carer Forums strive to have a seat at the decision-making tables and influence in this way.

Since February 2016, there have been limitations placed on the use of funds from government contracts for campaign activity. These have been written into each government contract, including that between the DfE and Parent Carer Forums.

This do not stop Parent Carer Forums supporting campaign activity when it aligns with their objectives – it simply prevents them from actively campaigning themselves. By working together, Parent Carer Forums and campaign groups can complement each other’s activities. Find out more here.

There is a lot of confusion about what a forum does or does not do. Somerset Parent carer Forum have put together a myth buster infographic to answer some of the most common things we are a forum get asked.