FYW Facebook Group

The Facebook closed group was started in 2014 by Tina Emery to add an additional level of support to the families attending her group in Wells. It then was adopted by the forum in November of that year and became known as ‘Finding Your Way Support Groups’. In the time since it was first started, it has grown from its initial 10 members to 468 from all over Somerset with anonymous Admin oversite.

All the parent carers have children with either a diagnosed or un-diagnosed condition or  disability. With some unable to get to a support group, it has become a safe haven for people to get self help tips, advice and support.

Sometimes this can be the quickest way for a parent to reach us and gain an idea as to where to go when situations arise.

If you would like to join follow the link tohttps://www.facebook.com/groups/FindingYourWay/