Local Offer

Somerset’s Local Offer

The forum has been involved with the Local Offer project since it was started in June 2015. It was slightly rushed at the beginning, as there wasn’t much to see, or advise us as to what one looked like. Everyone’s interpretation of what it was supposed to be was very different. Our lead representative was asked to do a presentation of the local offer with Somerset County Council before it’s launch at the end of June 2015.

Roll on 18 months, and lots of co-production and meetings later, and we now have the newest incarnation of the Local Offer, now known as the ‘Local Offer within Somerset Choices Children and Families’. This is a vastly superior offer co-produced with users (parent carers, young people, and adults with additional needs and visual disabilities) and the NHS. The adult site was launched first and now the children’s site has joined it, although in a preview format with the aim to be fully live in June 2016. A real sense of pride has been felt by the forum for having had a representative at each step through the development of this offer.