We know how hard our SENCo’s within Somerset work and how hard it is to find enough hours in the day. So following the senco and SEN governor conferences we felt it would be useful to recap the information regarding the requirements for the school website and include some useful links.


What do schools need to provide on their website under the SEND code of practice?


1-SEN information report:

Contains information on what you have been doing/providing. (Refer to section 6.79)

Should be co-produced with children, young people and their parent carers. (Annually updated)

2-SEND policy:

Shows how provision is designed/planned and will be delivered (6.81 p107)

Children, young people and their parent carers should be consulted. (Updated at least every 3 years)

3-Accessibility plan:

Outlines features of the site that enable it to be accessible e.g. ramps, lift, hoist in changing room, accessible toilet, height adjustable desks. The plan should outline (6.2 p92)

4-Local offer link:

Web link to the local offer within Somerset choices either embedded or http://www.somersetchoices.org.uk. (6.81 p107)

We also recommend you make reference to the core standards within your SEN report, click here for more details.


Somerset Parent Carer Forum offer a service to support schools in developing their school SEN information report and check compliance with the code of practice regarding information held on your school website.

This is a bespoke package which is taylored to the individual school, cluster or Multi academy trust. Please email help@somersetparentcarerforum.org.uk for more details and a no obligation individual quote.

To download more information on the SEN information report .(available shortly)

To download a checklist on what needs to be in in your SEN information report developed using the SEND code of practice 2015 (available shortly)

The following useful website links may also be helpful. They are the Key and the nasen webinar.