SPCF Library


Somerset Parent Carer Forum hold a library of resource books that we loan to parent carers, their families and practitioners. Below is a list of the titles we currently hold. If you are interested in accessing any of the books, please contact us on 01458 259384

We are grateful to Somerset County Council for providing us with the following selection of books on autism.

The Autistic Spectrum – Lorna Wing                                                                                

Speak, Move, Play and Learn with Children on the autism spectrum

Living well on the spectrum – Valerie L. Gaus                                                                      

Parenting a Teen or Young adult with Asperger Syndrome – Brenda Boyd

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Chantal Sicile-Kira                                                                  

Autism with Severe Learning Difficulties – Dr Rita Jordan

The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome – T Attwood                                                  

Autism with Severe Learning Diff – Dr Rita Jordan

The Asperger Social Guide – G Edmonds & D Worton                                                          

The new Social Stories book – Carol Gray


The forum also secured the following titles.


Can I Tell You About Epilepsy? – Kate Lambert                                                                      

Can I Tell You About Anxiety? – Lucy Willetts

Can I tell you about selective mutism – Maggie Johnson                                                        

Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome – Jude Welton

Can I tell you about OCD? – Amita Jassi                                                                              

Can I tell you about Dyslexia? – Alan Hultquist

Can I tell you about ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? –Jacqueline Rayner                                

Can I tell you about eating disorders? – Bryan Lask

Can I tell you about Tourette Syndrome? – Mal Leicester                                                        

Can I tell you about Down Syndrome? – Elizabeth Elliott

Can I tell you about Stammering? – Sue Cottrell                                                                    

Can I tell you about Dyspraxia? – Maureen Boon

Can I tell you about Cerebral Palsy?                                                                                      

Can I tell you about Sensory Processing Difficulties? –Sue Allen

Can I tell you about Depression? – Christopher Dowrick                                                        

Can I tell you about Eczema? – Julie Collier

Can I tell you about PDA? Phil Christie and Ruth Fidler                                                          

Building Bridges – Paula Aquilla                                                                           

Can’t Eat, Won’t Eat – Brenda Legge                                                                                    

Starving the anxiety gremlin – Kate Collins-Donnelly

The Parent guide to Self-Harm – Jane Smith                                                                          

The Out of Sync Child – Carol Stock Kranowitz

Hands are not for hitting – Martine Agassi                                                                            

Neurotribes – The legacy of Autism – Steve Silberman

The Red Beast – K.l.Al-Ghani                                                                                              

Disabled Children – A Legal Handbook – Steve Broach

Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome in Children –Phil Christie, Margaret Duncan, Ruth Fidler and Zara Healy 

When my worries get too big! – A relaxation book for children who live with anxiety – Brenda Smith Myles PhD