Educational Health Care plans (EHC p’s)


The Forum has been part of the EHCp planning process from the beginning, with representatives working on the documentation, report writing, and moderation groups. This is because the Local Authority are keen to produce good quality plans, with a ‘Golden thread’ running through them. The ‘Golden thread’ is essentially a pathway leading to the child/ young persons aspirations, with their story running through it.

Because we have been an integral part of the moderation process, the department for Education asked us to do a presentation with the young person’s champion,and a representative from the Local Authority, at two South West EHCp training events hosted by the DfE. Our representatives Ruth did the event in Exeter and Tina presented at Bath.

The Local Authority have kept the forum involved in their continued effort to make EHCp’s the best they can be.

If you would like any further information about EHCp’s please do not hesitate in contacting the forum on the above email address.