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Ups and Downs South West run Family Support Clinics In Several Locations to support Parent Carers of children with Downs syndrome. Please see information below.

Assertive Communications workshops

Have you ever tried asking your GP, a teacher or social worker a question and then ended up feeling frustrated because you feel you didn’t get a proper answer? Or have you tried to find out about getting a service or support for the person you care for and felt you were going round in circles or being fobbed off?
Assertive communication allows you to clarify your wants and needs and stand up for yourself without receiving a negative result or response from others. It enables you to let others know your views and opinions, and what your limits and boundaries are in a positive manner.
These 2 half day workshops are designed to help build communication skills and work towards achieving the outcomes required. The aims of the sessions are:
• To consider how to communicate what you want clearly and effectively
• To review strategies for effective influencing so you can achieve more of what you want
• To confidently deal with the people you come across in your role as a parent and carer
• To enable you to handle those difficult conversations and stay in control

The workshops will explore the key ingredients of effective communications, including listening, questioning, verbal and non-verbal communications and assertive, passive and aggressive behaviours. There will be an opportunity to consider how to apply influencing and negotiation techniques and to work towards a win-win outcome.

Dates: Monday 20th and Monday 27th January 2020

Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Venue: The Brendon Room, Compass Disability Services

Booking will be available on our website soon.

You can contact us on 01278691100

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