Support Group Project

Many parent carer’s of children with additional needs and disabilities often feel isolated and alone. Support groups provide a brilliant opportunity for parent carer’s to support each other (peer support). Support groups can also provide access to information about services, resources and strategies through shared parental knowledge and visiting practitioners.

Somerset Parent Carer Forum C.I.C developed this support group package, after discussions around how we get views from other support groups, that were already operating in the county and how could we easily engage and get their feedback that we could feed back to the LA, the Department of Health and the Department for Education to shape Local Services. The more feedback we got from a wider source would enable the forum to be more effective.

After a few conversations with support groups, it became apparent that there were some support groups that were struggling either purchasing insurance, because lack of funds or they assumed they were covered by the insurance of their venue. This was not always the case and we encourage all support groups to check as part of their risk assessments.

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